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Big Band Music History

Do you remember the time when music meant charts and jazz became equivalent to big band music? It was the era where brides loved the idea of having a vintage wedding set in the big band age. Music was created for dancing and large orchestration of swing became popular.

When the predominant white classical music genre, the black blues and gospel music combined together, the history of big band music was born which covered a brief period in jazz history.


When the term big band is heard the first picture that comes to our mind is that of the singers surrounded by saxophones, trombones, trumpets and a section exclusively for rhythm. The instrumentation and arrangements of big band varied from time to time.

There was a time when woodwind instruments like flute and clarinet were given prominence and where the guitar player was omitted from the rhythm section.

During the swing period the big band arrangements were in the strophic form where there was a repetition of chord and phrases. The arrangements in big band music history always witnessed modulations.


When you are online downloading free big band music for your vintage theme wedding or for your party you must have definitely noticed the names of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Fletcher Henderson, Paul Whiteman, Andrew Sisters, Bing Cosby, Benny Goodman and Glen Gray.

What led to the rise of big band history of music was the result of creative efforts of these notable artists who contributed immensely for the popularity of big band music.

When big bands originated it played a form of jazz in which orchestras strictly followed the melody which was written and vocals were sung in tune with the melody. Hence the scope for improvisation was very little.

But with the introduction of swing music in jazz artists changed their styles and big band music focussed on swing flourished during the 1930s. Emphasis was given on individual performance and the bands reflected the personality of the band leader.

In the list of music genres that helped in lifting the morale of the people during the Second World War in the 40s, big band music also played a major role. There were musicians who served the military and others like Glenn Miller who lost his life while conducting shows.

The impact of big band music in the history was so huge that even today it gives the people nostalgia and memories of the vintage era. May be that is the reason why wedding invitations are still designed with pictures of big band instruments.

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