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The era of Roll n Roll and Elvis Presley-The fabulous fifties. They were light melodies with sweet lyrics sung by the greatest artists ever in history. The songs were innocent and inoffensive suited for the mood of the world Post Second World War.

As a result of the developments in music in the late 40's music of the 50s flourished and captured the heart of millions. The 1950s were considered as a time of change and witnessed the birth of a new music genre which redefined the music industry.

The biggest contribution of the Early 50s towards the world of music is Rock & Roll. It is often described as a natural result of the combined forces of popular music incorporating the various styles of rhythm, blues, country music, R & B, Doo wop, Swing, Boogie-woogie and gospel.

The Golden decade in which the Rock and Roll was born was characterized by electronically amplified instruments, heavy accented beats and a relatively simple phase structure.

The music influenced the lifestyle, fashion, attitudes and language of the 50s with the typical instruments of the period, the Electric guitar, bass, guitar, drums, piano and saxophone.

The diary of events in the 1950 commenced with the record companies adopting the improved standards in sound quality. In 1952 the multi sound track replay was introduced to the public for the first time which stimulated public interest in the possibility of stereo recordings.

As time progressed, the companies began to provide the equipment for stereo recording in major studios. The decade indeed proved luck when in 1956, the Philips original cast recordings of My Fair lady became one of the first million seller.

P.S.I Love You, Mona Lisa, Heart Break Hotel, Mack the Knife, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, wayward wind, A white Sport coat, Misty, At the Hop were some of the popular jazz in the decade.

The coming of Rock 'n' roll made jazz music shift from 32-bar popular songs to those more based on rhythm and blues. In 1957, there was a landmark production named the Sound of jazz conceived by a jazz writer which featured musicians playing in loose atmosphere free from the ideas imposed by the television producers.

The period of 1950's also popular for the various forms of Country and western music saw Johnny Cash creating country sound by adding rockabilly. They were mostly focussed on human life, sorrow and relationships. Meanwhile Hank Williams popularized Honky Tonk style of country music fifties.

The 50s were indeed lucky for Carl Perkins, who combined R & B and country music with a touch of rock. His "Blue suede shoes" was a greatest hit in the mid fifties. But the epitome of the 1950s music history is the King of Rock and Roll- Elvis Presley who enjoyed the privilege of success with every music form he attempted including country, gospel and R & B.

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