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History Of Industrial Music

When Throbbing Gristle created Industrial Records in 1976, it is believed that the journey of industrial music began. But if that was true then what do we call the experiments with principles of electronics and sound which was applied into music in the 20th century?

Why was the patented instrument Telharmonium, of Thaddeus Cahill which was demonstrated in 1906 considered to be the first instrumental evidence in the history of industrial music? The History of Industrial Music is much more than one can imagine.

There is a lot of disagreement about the definition of industrial music. Some call it the fusion of metal with techno music, while some believe that it is a distinct style of experimenting with music on themes related to transgression.

Industrial Music is considered by others as a way of expressing controversy, disturbance etc in a harsh manner as rebellion is the essence of industrial music.

Tracing the evolution of industrial music is quite interesting. Often the origin of Industrial Music is associated with the Industrial Revolution and the invasions in Afghanistan, Angola etc. Later on there were experiments were done with noise and topics like fascism, occult and serial killers.

The collision of genres like punk, glam, synthpop, hardcore, metal and goth in the 80's is responsible for the industrial music which we hear today. The two most popular genres of industrial music- industrial metal and industrial rock were quiet popular in the 90's.

Another most discussed characteristic in the history of industrial music are the instruments of industrial music. The heterodyning effect created by the vacuum tube made a revolution in the 20th century.

Later on with the advent of technology experiments were done even with the traditional instruments, percussion instruments etc. The guitar was sometimes played at a high volume with a slide to produce amazing sound.

Monte Cazza, Carter, Cabaret Voltaire, Kraftwerk etc. are the famous artists who played a major role in the development of industrial music. Most of the initial musicians of industrial music looked up to thinkers for inspiration.

The beginning of the 80's was marked by an Italian industrial music artist Maurizio bianchi. There are a number of albums created by the early industrial music trio Genesis P-Orridge, Throbbing Gristle and Peter Christopherson

The history of industrial music will not be as the famous history of blues and the history of folk. But there was something in this music of experiments which not only stole the hearts of millions but which left a spark of energy within them.

In spite of the controversies regarding the genesis of the music and the deficiency of content in the music, industrial music is very much alive today. Yes, you will find fans of industrial music eagerly waiting just to hear their favourite number: "What a Day!"
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