German Music History

There are many who express their desire to learn to speak German and many more who would lend their ears to German Christmas music, German folk music. For their convenience the technology has provided German music online and German music CD's.

Here's a small account on the history of German music as a tribute to German music which played a significant role in the development, advancement and progress of world music.


With Minnesingers, the aristocrats who became musicians and Meistersingers, the middleclass craftsmen whose music was based on rules; history records that German music spread across the country from 12th century to 14th century.

The minnesingers were also called love poets and among them was Herman who created polyphony and incorporated folk styles in his compositions.


From 16th century the era of classical music began as Oswald von Wolkenstein transformed music in Germany after travelling in Europe learning about classical traditions.

Germans whole heartedly welcomed Chorale, Opera, Baroque music and Romantic music. By celebrating the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, the largest summer festival for classical music it is proved that classical music is close to the heart of Germany.

Folk music has also been relevant in the history of German music as Germany has a well known folk tradition of music and dance. Folk songs in German included emigration songs, songs of apprentices and work songs.


Folk music was not popular as there was struggle for power by various classes in Germany. But folk songs based on optimism called Volksleider were taught to children which were popular. Folk songs in Germany incorporated the forms of Oom-pah, Bavaria, Swabia, Sorbs and Danish folk music.

History also witnesses the early popular music of Cabaret, Swing movement, Post war popular music which consisted of Schlager, Volkmusic, Leidermacher, Rock, Hip hop, punk, metal, Ostrock, Goth, electronic music and techno in German music. Special kinds of music like Jazz, Klezmer and Latin pop are also observed in German music history.

Jazz in Germany is entirely different from Jazz music in USA in many aspects. Started by Minnesingers and Meistersingers German music history went into different directions as world famous musicians like Ludwig van Beethoven, George fredreick Handel, Henrich Schuetz and Richard Wagner took German music to new heights.

It is a strange fact that it was just a variety of hymns and other kinds of Christian music by Hildegard of Bingen laid the foundation of music in Germany what we all now call the German music.