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Country Western Music History

Music history has defined Elvis Presley as the King of Rock n Roll, but how many of you are aware of the fact that he was a regular country music artist on the radio during his struggling days!

When Garth Brooks was declared as the top-domestic selling solo artist in the history of United States, there were many astonished by the piece of information that this millionaire was a product of Country music.


Interested to know what's more in the history of a genre that has produced two of the chart toppers of all time... Scroll down.
In the early 20th century drawing inspiration from Appalachian folk music, Maritime folk music, Gospel, Anglo, British and Irish music and Old-time music country music originated in Southern United States and Atlantic Canada.

Soon the music spread to different parts of the world and attained popularity in Australia and Canada. Within a short span of time, country music was able to create its own style in music that later on provided a platform for Rock and Roll, heartland rock, Southern rock, Roots Rock and Dansband.


In Country western music history, the musical instruments played a major role. Guitar, Bass, Dobro, Steel Guitar, Pedal steel guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Double Bass, Fiddle, Piano, electronic keyboard, Drums and Harmonica are the typical instruments responsible for taking country western music to new heights by creating sub genres and fusion genres.

Among the different forms of country style of music, the form that has received maximum number of fans is the western-country. Country western is categorised into Western swing and Cowboy songs.

The western swing was filled with jazz and the sound of big band derived its name from a song of Duke Ellington "It Don't Mean a Thing, If it Ain't Got That Swing. The western influence started in the history of country music lasted for four decades.

One is reminded of the heroic actions of the cowboy, his lonely life filled with miseries and suffering when they hear Cowboy songs. Intending for the purpose of movies made in the 20th century, a number of cowboy songs were written. The group named The Sons of the Pioneers ruled the country music industry that lasted up to seventy years.

The recording journey of Country music had begun when the fiddler A.C. Robertson performed Sallie Gooden in the year 1920. The period from the forties to the sixties witnessed the promotion of country music through the institution of Grand Ole Opry.

Movement started by Bill Monroe for the development of country music called Bluegrass also Terms like Nashville, Honky Tonk, Outlaw Country and Urban Cowboy has entered into country music vocabulary since its origin. We are indeed the lucky ones as a wide variety is available to us when we download old country western music today.

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